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Statement in relation to Local Green Space Designation in Hurst - 10th March 2021

In the St Nicholas Hurst Parish Council’s (SNHPC) meeting of 6th July 2020, attending Councillors – who are all unpaid, local volunteers – were asked to reflect and vote on three undeveloped land sites to put forward for potential Local Green Space (LGS) designation by Wokingham Borough Council. These three sites were the large horse and donkey fields located between Tape Lane and Lodge Road, the Hurst Cricket Club, and the field in the centre of the village between School Road and Orchard Road.


Willowmead 5HU006- Land between Lodge Road and Tape Lane 5HU008/5HU016/5HU031 were submitted to WBC for Housing in the Local Plan process- link below: 



Councillors unanimously voted to put all three sites forward for LGS consideration by Wokingham Borough Council on the basis the Borough Council would contact landowners and carry out a full assessment of the sites.  This was driven by a belief that it is the SNHPC’s duty to try and protect, whenever possible, the natural character and most cherished green spaces found within the Parish. In making their decision, Councillors were conscious that these sites were owned by private landowners, so reviewed information about each of the locations and discussed relevant anecdotes and recent survey feedback from local residents.


Over recent weeks it has become clear to Councillors that there is considerable ongoing local interest and concern from some landowners about the future of these three sites. As a result the SNHPC has decided that a more democratic means to decide on the fate of the Parish’s green spaces is required.


To properly effect that democratic process, the SNHPC has now revoked the three potential LGS sites put forward for consideration by Wokingham Borough Council, preferring instead to engage local residents via the mechanism of the established Neighbourhood Plan. These plans are designed specifically to enable communities to play a much stronger role in shaping the areas in which they live and work, including to determine what locations need greatest protection from development, or indeed are in most need of development. Hurst’s Neighbourhood Plan has consistently been championed by the SNHPC. More information about these plans can be found on the Parish Council’s website at http://www.hurstplan.uk/


There is expected to be an opportunity for a local referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan relevant to the Parish of Hurst by 2022. The SNHPC encourages residents to review this plan in detail and to vote on it when the next opportunity arises.


SNHPC remains committed to trying to protect the natural character and most cherished green spaces within the Parish.  



Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

In view of the current situation, all Parish Council meetings and Neighbourhood Planning meetings will be held virtually. This will be reviewed over the coming months and updates provided as we are able. All enquiries to clerk@hurstpc.org.uk

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The rural parish of St.Nicholas Hurst is within the Wokingham Borough of Berkshire, southern England.  It is the largest parish in the Borough covering some two and a half square miles.  A large proportion of the parish is open farmland with most of the 2,000 residents living in the three residential areas: the village centre (Wards Cross - Whistley Green), Forest Road and Davis Street. The parish contains Dinton Pastures country park, School Road, Davis Street and Martineau Green playparks. There are two schools in the village: St.Nicholas Primary School and Dolphin School.


St. Nicholas Hurst Parish Council consists of 10 elected volunteers who are responsible for overseeing a number of amenities in the village, including the three playparks and the allotments.  Members of the Parish Council work closely with colleagues at the Borough Council and Hurst Village Society to ensure the Parish is maintained and developed for the benefit of both Parishoners and visitors.  Grateful thanks is given to the many volunteers and stakeholders who regularly support our work.

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All meetings take place in the Committee Room of the Hurst Village Halls, commencing at 7:30pm

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