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As representatives of our community, it is essential that we maintain a respectful and considerate environment within our parish.

Our Parish Council Clerk plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of our council and providing valuable support to our community. In recent times, we have observed instances of persistent and unreasonable correspondence directed towards her, which is not conducive to a healthy working environment.

We would like to remind everyone of the importance of treating our Parish Council Clerk with the same respect and courtesy that we expect for ourselves. It is our shared responsibility to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and professionalism.

We encourage all parishioners to address their concerns and inquiries through appropriate channels and to be mindful of the workload and time constraints our Clerk may face. If you have concerns or issues, we are here to listen and assist in finding a resolution.

Bullying or harassing behaviour is not in line with the values of our parish, and it harms the well-being of our dedicated staff. Let us work together to create a parish where everyone feels valued, respected, and able to contribute to our shared goals.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Members of St. Nicholas Hurst Parish Council, September 2023

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